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My practice is an aggregate, a combination of several process-based inter-disciplinary investigations and individual elements which sit densely packed together to form a whole. 


These fragments represent intertwined research-based lines of enquiry through deep time, planetary shaping processes and exploring where the Anthropocene sits within this discourse.


The Anthropocene is the name given to our current geological era, and represents for the first time in the history of our planet, one in which a single species has become the over-arching planetary shaping force. 

It is through creative applications, that I seek to disrupt the current human centric viewpoints and reframe these perspectives within the deep time scales of the planet. To reveal new readings of the environment; ones that seek to deconstruct and heal the deeply embedded divides between nature and culture which surround us. 




Kaitlin lives and works in Norwich, UK. She received her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts, graduating with a First-Class Honours and later received her Masters with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh after being awarded the Andrew Grant Scholarship.  She has established a professional arts practice, spanning a decade, which adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the environment; through explorations in geology, ecology and the environmental humanities.


In addition to this she has designed a number of socially engaged participatory projects for diverse audiences and has taught on programmes for organisations such as the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettles Yard and University of Cambridge.  Career Highlights include: co-directing the short environmental film ‘Living in the Ruins’ which screened at the Edinburgh International Science Festival (Scotland, UK), exhibiting at the Edinburgh Festival (Scotland, UK), An Lanntair Gallery (Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK), Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

Also being commissioned to design the site-specific public sculptures: 'LITHOS' for the Poldra Sculpture Park in Viseu, Portugal, 'CONNECT' installation commissioned by MarketPlace in Brandon Forest (Norfolk, UK) and  ‘Wave Maker’ for the Heritage Sculpture Trail (Norfolk, UK).

Click here for the extended statement as published on the Art, Space + Nature Blog 

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