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2021 - Ongoing

Exhibited at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, 

Norwich, UK

Public Sculpture and Research Project

Diatoms are found all over our planet and come in a beautiful range of shapes, their cells being enclosed in glass-like shells. Diatoms live where it’s damp; in ponds, rivers, oceans and soils. They belong to the Algae family, an important group that are responsible for half of the oxygen-producing photosynthesis that takes place on planet Earth. Agriculture is one of the main causes of water pollution. Our rivers and broads are vulnerable to fertiliser being washed off the fields, affecting the diversity of the diatom population amongst other life.

DIATOMS public artwork displayed on the gates of Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, was part of Edible East's 'Art and Science Trail' in 2019.


The piece is part of a wider body of ongoing work within my practice, inspired by research into how diatoms are being impacted by the footprint of humankind. More recently I have been working on a series of 3D printed diatom models, commissioned by Natural England, made from recycled wood composite filament.

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