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My arts practice explores how nature is shifting in the face of climate change. 

Humankind’s footprint has triggered the next geological era for our planet, known as the 'Anthropocene'. Our activity has had an enormous impact, fundamentally altering the planet’s climate, geology and ecosystems. I look to reconnect people with nature and offer up new ways of understanding the deep history of our planet, as well as its future.

My work takes several different forms, including artworks for exhibitions, public sculpture commissions, developing research, and working with communities. 

Showing care and respect for the resources our world provides is vital for me. My recent research, supported by Arts Council England, focuses on developing my own sustainable materials - or biomaterials - to work with. By using waste products - such as coffee grounds - in 3D printing technology, I make work that draws attention to the overconsumption of our planet's natural resources.

When working with communities, I create projects that empower people of all ages. My approach is centred on being sensitive and flexible to people’s needs, and my projects are accessible to all. I aim to foster collaboration, helping people build connections, both with each other and the planet.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with many varied cultural, environmental and educational organisations, including:

  • Poldra Sculpture Park, Portugal

  • Barbican Centre

  • Edinburgh Arts Festival

  • GroundWork Gallery

  • Natural England

  • Wicken Fen, National Trust

  • Babylon Gallery

  • STEAMhouse, Birmingham City University

  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

  • Kettle’s Yard

  • University of Cambridge Museums

  • The Fitzwilliam Museum

  • Lapworth Museum of Geology

If you're interested in my practice and would like to find out more about how we could work together, please get in touch using the contact form below.


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Click here for the article ‘Aggregate’ I have written for Art, Space + Nature blog, which shares more behind my creative practice.

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