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Ongoing Project

ENTANGLEMENT FORMS is a body of ongoing research, which began during my ‘Extraction’ Artist Residency at GroundWork Gallery in 2021, where I looked at chalk and flint industrial extraction in Norfolk. After visiting quarries across the region, I began to work with a surplus supply of fine chalk powder, found underneath the processing belts. This material has a huge footprint of embodied energy from its removal from the earth. I have since used it to develop a series of 'biomaterial' recipes which can be shaped into sculptural forms using a ceramic 3D printer.


More recently, I have been working to develop another material recipe for the chalk, one which not only utilises industrial surplus supplies, but also domestic waste - coffee grounds.


I see this process as a collaboration with nature, applying the 3D printing technology as a pathway to reformulate these waste sources and prolong their embodied energy and life cycles. Forms which have a purposeful ephemeral nature, representative of the fragility of the planet. A representation of the entanglement of extraction, industry, material consumption, waste and deep geological histories. 

These works were exhibited at GroundWork Gallery’s ‘Extraction, Loss and Restoration’ in 2022.

Click here to view a film I created about the process of 3D Printing with Biomaterials, with arts organisation Collusion.

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