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GroundWork Gallery Residency

My artist residency at GroundWork Gallery was part of the international network ‘Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss’ which is a global coalition and intervention which seeks to provoke social change by exposing and interrogating the negative social and environmental consequences of industrialised natural resource extraction.


During the course of the project, I focused my research on the geological industries of flint and chalk quarrying in Norfolk. After visiting six quarries and a prehistoric flint mine, I created an in-depth body of work which explored the deep time evolution of these materials, as well the future environmental consequences of human interventions.


Outcomes from the residency included an artist book entitled ‘GEOLOGIC GLITCHES’ which documents my research, a series of drawn, text and printed works, as well as experimental biomaterial samples created using powdered chalk from the quarries.


These works were exhibited at GroundWork Gallery ‘Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss’ Exhibition during September 2021.

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