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Speculative Materials at STEAMhouse

3 Day Workshop for Artists, Architects and Industry Experts

 Speculative Materials at STEAMhouse

As part of a collaborative team, I contributed to delivering the Speculative Materials 3-day workshop at STEAMhouse, together with facilitators Sarah King and Blast Studios. Our mission was to envision an urban landscape 80 years into the future and craft innovative material responses to this imagined environment. We utilised local waste streams from Birmingham to create biomaterials, experimenting with various crafting techniques and employing advanced technologies such as 3D printing with robotic arms.

Our speculative and ambitious approach intersected urban design with the imperative for a sustainable climate future, engaging a diverse mix of artists, architects, scientists, industry experts, and creative practitioners. The workshop culminated in the Future Landscape Pop Up Exhibition, showcasing our deep material investigations and innovative city design concepts.

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