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Deep-Time: Imagining Ely's Pre-historic Landscape and Ocean

Babylon Gallery, Highfield Littleport Academy SEND School and Wicken Fen National Trust Nature Reserve

Deep-Time: Imagining Ely's Pre-historic Landscape and Ocean

As part of 'Sensing Nature Project', I have been commissioned to lead a team of artists in working with every pupil from Highfield Littleport Academy SEND school to explore the deep geological past of Wicken Fen, using key moments from the historic timeline to inspire the co-creation of new permanent artworks for the school.

I have been supporting pupils to interpret and understand the present landscape of Wicken Fen in new ways, encouraging pupils' connection with nature as well as their artistic voices. Utilising natural materials where possible, I have delivered sensory walks at Wicken Fen. This spring I am delivering in-school print-making workshops, with support from Artist Assistants Lyn Pryor and Amy Wormald.

Displayed here are 3D printed fossils, made from recycled wood PLA filament. These fossils have been created as tactile entry-points into the past, for the school to use as a handling collection. For example, the ammonite fossil allows us to imagine the warm seas which covered the Fen millions of years ago while dinosaurs roamed the earth. They also encourage us to think about the types of fossils we might leave behind.

This project will culminate in the installation of a permanent artwork installed at the school in June 2024.

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